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A tasty snack that can be enjoyed any time, all of our Pretzels are baked fresh daily in each store. In fact, customers can see them being rolled, stretched and tossed into the air to get their unique Pretzel shape, right before their very eyes.

With guaranteed freshness, our hand-rolled Pretzels are available in a delicious range of both sweet and savoury toppings, such as Moscow Glaze, Columbian Cookie, Swiss Cheese or Meat Lovers. Yum!

Perfect for a mid-morning or afternoon snack, try yours with one of our barista-made coffees or a refreshing cold drink from our bottled selection. With a taste this good, the whole family will love them!

Pretzels The Story

History says the pretzel found its way to America in the eighteenth century. It was a homeless man travelling that gave up the pretzel recipe to a baker in return for a meal. As the story goes, the baker’s apprentice used the recipe to make pretzels and is now credited as the founder of the first commercial pretzel bakery in the United States.

Pretzels are now loved worldwide and especially here at Pretzel World! Established back in October 2000, at Pretzel World we pride ourselves on selling Australia’s most unimaginably delicious snack – a Hand Rolled Soft Pretzel!

Visiting a Pretzel World store is an experience! Come and watch our expert staff roll and twirl the fresh dough right before your eyes, smell the pretzels wafting from our ovens, then choose your own flavour from our extensive sweet and savoury menu.

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